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almost believing that this is not pretend

so close, so far

Little NickLa once thought of everything, and nothing.

It makes life a bit harder than it needs to be just to retain happiness.

If your reading this... I hope you know me.

And remember, Dream with your Eyes Open.

The Story Without an Ending, The Novel Without a Hero

"You can only wish on so many stars..."
"My heart has wings..."
"When somebody loved me, everything was beautiful..."
"I have not slept for fear of waking and finding all of this a dream."
"A bird may love a fish, but where would they live?"
"My heart can't possibly break when it wasn't even whole to start with."
"Is it a crime, to fall in love?"
"No change of heart, a change in me."
"God doesn't make mistakes, and he made me."

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