NickLa (silverabsinthe) wrote,

It's been almost a year and a half since I posted last... I don't know who reads this anymore... and truth me told I really don't care because I am going to be writing this for myself. (I really do care... but y'all know what I am saying... It's for me...)

I have no idea where to begin - so much has changed in my life. I have moved twice I think... I am a full fledged drag queen now. Lady GaGa and Glee are on the scene and I am loving it.

On the flipside I am still single. I of course have a boy or two that I like... and they live very far away because the dating scene in Sioux Falls is absolute bunk. I'm also unemployed right now as I quit my job about two months ago.

My brain is really scattered right now. I'm really scared about where things are going. Ive been having issues with my friends lately as well... I'm super ready to move away from here in my brain. But my body and any shred of practicality not involving my brain says no - don't do it. You have too much to do here. Too much to fix and accomplish. There is so much you have to do before you move.. But I know I could move and make it work...

I deleted my facebook today too. I'm taking a break from everyone. I'm gonna change my number. I'm just gonna hide. It sounds nice. I'm gonna go for walks. I'm gonna do yoga. I'm gonna focus on me cuz I'm all I got.

So if we are friends and you are reading this leave me a comment? Sorry I've been away for so long...


P.s. Be ready for a kickass new theme...
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